My Vision on Four Dimensions

Many of you may have heard of an object called the Tesseract.

Being able to perceive a tesseract is clearly impossible, as we cannot see beyond the number of dimensions we live in. We as humans clearly are and live in a three-dimensional world and there are three coordinate axes x, y and z, so we perceive directions left/right, forwards/backwards and up/down.

For example, this cube

Imagining four spacial dimensions is very difficult so we can try something simpler with three-dimensional objects. Let’s imagine we were a two-dimensional species living in a two-dimensional world called Flat land, named by Edwin Abbott. We walk about in the two-dimensional space unaware of the other dimension which is the z-axis and that’s completely okay, just like how humans can live perfectly without knowing about the fourth dimension. Continue reading

Thoughts #1 – Higher Physics Notes

Just a short thoughts post. These may be regular and spontaneous 😊

So as a high school student I am extremely excited to have received the second part of the Dynamic Universe notes today for the Higher Physics course – which has a very pretty image of the Crab Nebula taken by the Hubble on the front cover – that covers most of the theoretical sections of the first unit.

We are finally on the cosmology and astrophysics element of the course after doing months of motion equations. I had a skim through the notes and it’s looking like it’s going to be a fun journey. Amazing feeling when the Scottish Qualifications Authority think you’ve enough maths knowledge to include a little of the exciting physics e.g. Relativity. Though because of our still limited mathematical knowledge, we’ve barely touched to surface. Long way to go, high school physics!

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*These are not standard weekly blog posts, just spontaneous thought asides.

Climate change and solutions report

Hello, fellow blog viewers! This week I have posted a something a little different from usual but enjoy reading it.

Ah, sun, sea and sand in the Maldives, wouldn’t we all like to live there?

In the climate change and solutions report that follow, I will describe and explain how the disruption of normal weather patterns has an impact on the Maldives and the Himalayas and the geography of them. It will also include the problems and solutions they will have to face and carry out.

Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years. These effects such as, variations in solar radiation received by Earth, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions, and human-induced alterations of the natural world; are currently causing global warming, and “climate change” is often used to describe human-specific impacts.In the last few decades, climate change has been taken more seriously as scientists have discovered that our planet is gradually warming up, which is referred as ‘global warming’. Climate change can be observed all over the world right now, whether it is on the news or online . For example the polar ice caps melting, more devastating droughts and wildfires. The main concerning consequence from this, is sea levels rising, it will lead to major adverse impacts on people and wildlife.

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5 Myths regarding Evolution 

One good subject to write a blog post on is something you’re passionate about. Something you want to exclaim to the world. For me, one of them has to be evolution. Hank Green, a science educator (probably more well-known as half of vlogbrothers) made an excellent and hilarious video on some facts that simply cannot be disproven. Check that out here – Facts are Facts..OK?

I had a substitute teacher for Religious Education class the other day and I was reading The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. Through coincidence the teacher happens to despise Dawkins (probably because he’s an advocate for atheism), and he saw the book on my friend’s desk.

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