Passion for STEM is a science-based blog that explores a range of topics within science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is a platform to share knowledge and thoughts (and maybe some occasional account of life).

Initially, it was a project founded by Susan Chen and Jiangmin Hou as 16-year-old STEM high school students from Scotland to publicise their passion for science. It is currently run and maintained by Susan.


Susan Chen – Co-Founder and Writer

Hey there! My interests in science are broad, ranging from the theory of natural selection to dark matter. My main fascination lies in physics, especially the theoretical side of things. Theoretical Physics is all about how mathematical relationships link and describe the natural world, and it leads us to contemplate the deepest mysteries of the Universe, how it all began and how it will all end.

Paranjay Bind – Writer

The first time I was curious about nature was when I asked the question “Why do things always fall down?”. Someone told me it was because of gravity and that Newton discovered it. And thus Newton became the scientific hero of my younger self, funnily I remember that I couldn’t even spell his name right at the time, but his theories captivated me so much that I knew I had to explore them further which eventually drove me to relativity and cosmology. Now, Cosmology is something that has become a defining aspect of me – it is to me what light is to a star.

Jiangmin Hou – Co-Founder and Freelance Life Sciences Writer

Hello, I am Jiangmin and I am interested in all science related items, especially in medicine. For me, medicine is human beings and science coming together in perfect harmony.  Whether we like it or not, medicine dictates our everyday lives. When we are born, vaccines prevent us being harmed by deadly diseases. Medicine keeps the inner workings of our body running until the end of our time.

Tito Adesanya – Freelance Engineering Writer

Hi, I’m Tito and I am passionate about all areas of STEM, particularly engineering – this is a passion which has been manifested in my late night spent making random things and my strong belief that its many fields will help change the world. From the phone I am using to type this short introduction to large metal birds that can carry up to 400 people, F1 cars and machines, engineering is in every inch of inch of our lives and it’s products are fundamental for the progress of humanity. Though engineering is fascinating to me, I believe that the most exciting outcomes are bourne from its intersections with seemingly unrelated fields.

Passion For STEM does not follow a strict schedule in the publishing of posts.

P.S Writers are not experts or professionals in the STEM fields and are doing this purely because of their love for science and desire to encourage scientific discussion, therefore it is not recommended to use posts as sources for a research project i.e. school science report.

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  1. Shantanu April 9, 2017 / 7:44 pm

    It’s always good to find fellow bloggers with similar interests and likes, you’ve got some really good posts on your blog, kudos!

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